Gerrit Loewenberger is a passionate and award-winning documentary and commercial director and filmmaker from Germany   
He started his career in traditional marketing with an apprenticeship as a media designer. At the time, one of his instructors recommended that he specialize in photo and film production, as he had already recognized his ambitions in this field. But the time was not yet ripe for this 
Over the years, he worked his way up in marketing and finally landed as a project manager in a photo and video production department of a marketing agency. Here his old passion came back to life, and he asked himself more and more: „People buy from people. Why then don’t we show them with their very own character, but always polish them to a high gloss so that they become interchangeable?“  
Good films and videos should entertain, inform, help and inspire, but above all they should touch emotionally. In most cases, this is best achieved with authentic documentaries 
Based on this drive, Gerrit founded his own production agency, LionMountain Pictures in early 2020. In addition to his agency’s commercial assignments, he started his own production of the short documentary „5 Points of view“ in the summer of 2021. This was nominated several times at various film festivals and won the award for the best short documentary at the „New Creators Film Awards“ in 2022.  
Gerrit is already preparing the next documentary projects and offers consulting sessions, which you can book here. Or contact him here: hello@gerritloewenberger.com.
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